Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I woke up with a dream this morning
dreams only come once or twice in a lifetime
what am I going to do with this dream

you saved me and I never said thank you
I'm sorry for that
I just never realized
you gave me everything

last time my dream died so did part of my soul
the thing is I never saw it coming
your love for me kept me going
my love for you fuels the fantasy that was once reality and has now become the dream

she stood her ground when I didn't deserve it
her love woke me up from the fantasy
my love for her grows stronger every day
she's amazing

the day that he was born I was born again
he breathes new breath in me everyday
every moment of my life is filled with an indescribable joy
the dreams I have for us are just the beginning

I fantasize
I dream
and I love you
this-- is the story of my life

I wrote this thing a while back, and because it's the story of my life I'll be updating it from time to time.


katie said...

Corky! that was beautiful, really beautiful, man! you are a great writer.

Have a wonderful wednesday!

furiousBall said...

that was sweet.

you big sissy.

now let's talk about football and firetrucks.

Dana said...

Hmmmm ... I didn't know you had this in you!

Tod said...


The Lone Beader said...

Wonderful writing, Corky! You are very talented:)

Heidi the Hick said...

Wow! I don't know what to say... we just saw a little part of your soul. Thank you.

Jay said...

Look at you! Showing off some more of your previously undisclosed talents. Good job man.

Emmeline said...

Aww that was great! So sweet! :) Thanks for sharing.


Steph said...

Wow! You are wonderfully talented. And here we were all thinking that you were just a fabulously verbose smart ass.

Gina said...

Shit, pass me the hankie, man. And I'm not kidding, either.

Guilty Secret said...

Oh Corky you're a multi-faceted character, aren't you? :)

fiwa said...

I'm not surprised by that - I could tell from your comments that you had that kind of writer in you. I'm glad we're going to hear more of the story.

PS, I had NOT realized that there were more Max videos over in the sidebar. He goes from not quite crawling, to crawling and TRYING to stand in that last video. What a cutie.

The Mama Bear said...

Wow this is incredibly powerful and I love it...make sure a copy goes in your dear son's baby book.

Casdok said...

I love your dream!!

Leighann said...

Corky? Is that you?

This is fantastic! I hope you'll share it with Max when he's older.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...


Burfica said...

It's amazing, and so are you my friend.

eric said...

i'm still waiting for you to say you're joking.

but i know you're not, because having children has a way of making profound things impossible not to express.

RockDog said...

That's really nice man!

But people are going to start thinking that you have a real heart and not a transistor...LOL

Cheryl said...

I didn't see this side of you coming! It's beautiful!

Canadian flake said...

I always suspected...much like James Tiberius are a big marshmallow at heart...

Very well written my friend...keep up the good work!!!

TheBirdman33 said...

Even I got a little crush on you with that one!

I have trouble believing you wrote it reference to Star Trek, Superman, or Spaghetti-O's.
It is totally out of character for you lol

captain corky said...

Katie: Thanks! It's very kind of you to say that!

Furiousball: I've always been fascinated by firetrucks that are painted in white or yellow as opposed to the traditional red. But I hate it when cops wear light blue instead of black or dark blue. Pisses me the fuck off!

Dana: Every once in while emotion comes seeping out of my pours. I can't seem to control it no matter how hard I try. ;)

Tod: Thanks! But did you know that wow spelled backwards is wow.

Beader: Thank you!

captain corky said...

Heidi: Glad I could share it with you. :)

Jay: Thanks, pal! Just recently I've started beating off with my left hand. That takes a lot of talent too. ;)

Emmeline: Thank you! I glad that people enjoyed reading it.

Steph: Thanks! But I most learn to control myself. After all, I do have a rep to protect. ;)

Gina: Thank you. :)

captain corky said...

Guilty: Some would say bordering on schizophrenia. ;)

Fiwa: Thanks for the kind words! I love adding new vids to the side bar, but I try to space them out a bit so that people can watch him grow. It's really cool.

Mama Bear: Thanks! I hope that someday, when he's old enough, he'll want to read all of this and learn what kind of a freak his Dad really is. LOL

Casdok: Thank you. :)

Leighann: Thank you! I think it's me, let me pull down my pants just to make sure. ;)

captain corky said...

Leighann: Thank you! I think it's me, let me pull down my pants just to make sure. ;)

Whim: Thanks! :)

Burfica: Thank you! :)

Eric: Yeah, it's impossible to express how much I love my son. When I talk with other people who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time, I just tell them to wait because all it's impossible to explain the feelings.

Rockdog: Thanks! But you're right I fucked up and now everyone knows that I can bleed. ;)

captain corky said...

Cheryl: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Flake: Thank you, that's all I could ever ask for. ;)

Birdman: Too bad I never will get the chance to read it out Sunrise sharing. LOL!

Biscuit said...

DANG! I had no idea you could use pretty words and shit! ;)

It's beautiful, and I admire you for being able to capture your feelings so eloquently.

DJ Kirkby said...

Aahhhh that's lovely.

nikki said...

Simply lovely.

So, you can write without sarcasm!?! I didn't think that was possible.

karma lennon said...

Corky!!! That's so amazing!!! Why don't you write more poetry?? P.S. I love that pic of Max below! Hee, he makes me giggle!

ALF said...

I had a dream last night that no one would let me get cake for dessert.

Peggy said...

Those are lovely sentiments. I hope your family appreciates that.

gawilli said...

Beautiful, Corky. Are you going to put a tune with it?

Jahooni said...

wow. i love poets. very nice. who is the inspiration or will that never be told?

captain corky said...

Biscuit: Pretty words and shit are my specialities. Thanks for the kind words. ;)

DJ Kirkby: Thank you. :)

Nikki: Thanks! Sometimes, but not often. ;)

Karma: Thanks! I like to write poems every once in a while. Maybe I'll try a few more one of these days. ;)

Alf: I had a dream the other day that Max's first words were the chorus to a song, but for the life of me I can't remember what song it was.

captain corky said...

Peggy: Thank you very much. ;)

Gawilli: Thanks! That would be cool, but I haven't thought of one that fits.

Jahooni: Thank you! It's really several different people. My wife, my son, my friends, my mother and myself. Not necessarily in that order though. ;)

Scarlett said...

That was a beautifully, touching and personal piece of art...thank you for sharing...I look forward to seeing the updated versions!

Palm Springs Savant said...

very nice Corky. What I really enjoy about reading your blog is watching your evolution before/after corky jr was born. And where you are today. it's really cool actually.

Josie said...

Awww, that's all I can say. Awww. She's a lucky woman. But, I have a feeling she knows that.

And Max is beautiful! He has a great daddy.

Cazzie!!! said...

Now THAT was a Hallmark moment for me..thanks :)

Portia said...

really very beautiful, man.

Princess Pointful said...

That was lovely.
Nice to see this side of you!

Heather said...

How sweet is that!! Awesome.

I always knew you were smooshy on the inside.