Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Knight and some other random stuff.

I've got two or three subjects lined up for this post including a a review of the The Dark Knight, a tribute to Canada and some other random stuff.

Last Saturday Allyson, Erika, and I went to see the Dark Knight. We arrived pretty late, but still had time to catch most of the trailers and get some snacks. I got a waffle cone with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sprinkles. The cone was also covered in chocolate. Next time I'll order the same thing except that I'll opt for a plain waffle cone. The chocolate coating was a wee bit rich for my blood. Allyson and Erika both got Nachos. The big difference between their orders was that Allyson loaded hers up with jalapenos and Erika loaded hers up with extra cheese. I snagged one or two nachos from Allyson. Allyson and I also shared a large drink. The movie theater's here in Louisville mostly feature Pepsi products and because I prefer Pepsi and Allyson prefers Dr. Pepper we always compromise at the movies and get Sprite. Parking wasn't an issue.

By the time we entered the theatre it was packed. The only seats available were in the first two rows. We wound up sitting in the second row and to my great surprise my neck wasn't sore by the end of the movie and I could still hear out of my right ear. I guess they do a better job of constructing movie theatres these days.

Mostly the previews sucked. The trailer for the Watchmen looks cool, but I can't even remember any of the others. One of the main reasons why I went to see the Dark Knight in the first place is because I read a rumor on a faulty website ( IMDB) that the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was going to debut on July 18th. I guess somebody up at Warner Bros changed his or her mind and as a result I the fan was tragically let down.

The movie itself kicked ass. Heath Ledger kilt it as the Joker. All the other actors were great, the cinematography was breathtaking and the costume design was elegant. I left the theatre wanting to pay another 40 bucks to see it again (Chocolate waffle ice cream cone without chocolate coating included).

Since seeing the Dark Knight I've spent a lot of time reading reviews of the movie and it seems that a lot of film critics and a lot of bloggers like it A LOT. I liked it too. One blogger even went on to say that The Dark Knight makes up for all for the other Batmen movies (excluding Batman Begins) and that now DC is on par with Marvel as far as the Super Hero movie genre is concerned. Bullshit.

A different subject: As most of you know from reading this blog for two plus years, whenever TV goes on hiatus or there's a writer's strike Allyson and I have to find other ways to occupy our free time together. Usually we get hooked on a TV show from yesteryear, like Alias for example. But this Summer is different... This Summer we started reading together. Last week Allyson read two books in between going to school, watching The Dark Knight and raising our one year old. I read 1 and 3/4 Books in between working, raising our one year old and reading reviews about The Dark Knight.

The books are about a young wizard named Harry Potter and his experiences at a school called Hogwarts. I highly recommend Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Allyson is somewhere in the middle of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The novels are amazing and because I'm so obsessed with Harry Potter right at this moment I also spent part of the week reading spoilers about that last two books.

And finally I'd like to give a shout out to the country of Canada. I dream of fishing your majestic waterways someday and your country has also produced one of the finest rock bands in the history of rock-n-roll .


Dana said...

Did you just talk more about the food at the theater than about the movie, or did I just get lost in my own drool??

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Saw the movie too, did a review earlier this week.
Rush is awesome. Harry Potter is good, and I would just like to see the end of the movies come soon.

furiousBall said...

can't wait to see this. and i concur, Watchmen does look cool

Jay said...

I'm going to see TDK today at the noon showing. I'm going to roll the dice and just walk up to the ticket window and hope it's not sold out.

No ice cream for me though. Buttery popcorn and a Pepsi. I'm a traditionalist.

Christie said...

Have you seriously never read the HP books before? Man, you are in for a treat! My husband put off reading them for years, and once he finally did, he was quite surprised by how much he enjoyed them. It also made him understand why people had said the movies sucked so bad.

little wanderer said...

not seen the film or read the potter books but have had ice cream and popcorn and lots of it too now i really need some now!

Anonymous said...

Does a very young looking John Travolta star in The Dark Knight, or is that just an extraordinarily handsome Corky playing Batman?

leslie said...

I waited a few years to read the HP books. I was not going to get "caught up" in all the hype. (I did the same thing with the Beatles, and look how that turned out)
I am a HP fan. Glad to hear you are reading them.
The books are better than the movies.
First movie is pretty sweet, though, and sets a nice tone for the reading of the rest of the books.


Mike Golch said...

Corky. I have not heard of thhis band.That deing said I can think of a great Canandain band of my generation the Guess Who.

Hugs and God'sBlessings
Mike G. said that.(its an A.A.thing)

Aunt Jackie said...

Dang Corky!!! >:(

Now I must go by TCBY and get a yogurt cone. You're EVIL!!!

Biddie said...

Thanks for the shout out. I know that it was really meant for me and KC and Shawn. :)
If you ever do make it to Canada, you can stay with us. KC won't mind giving up her room for you and Allyson, and I will hang with Max while Shawn takes you fishing. Allyson, too, if sshe wants to skip the fishing trip :)
LOL at Rush. I am pretty sure that a couple of the members live here in Kitchener now. Heidi will know. I could stalk - um, find them for you and get an autograph or a candid shot. If you want. Just saying.

The Lone Beader said...

Batmen! Plural! That's funny! :D

I want to see Batman, too. Thanks for the awesome review! I love how you reviewed the snacks. I'm a popcorn/ sour patch kids girl myself. And, I usually sneak them in because I don't like paying $5 for a box of candy and $12 for popcorn. Next time, I'm sneaking in my own beer, too, because it just seems right. LOL.

And, thanks for the Rush song! Old Rush is good. New Rush sux. LOL.

Tod said...

The Potter books are a good read. I didn't like the last Potter movie that much, it seemed to go on for ever.

Snowflake said...

I was wondering captain Corky if you were going to get to The Dark Night bf DVD. amazing movie.

gawilli said...

I had butter pecan and Michigan fudge in a waffle cone on the weekend. No chocolate coating. GREAT! Haven't seen the Dark Knight yet, but will take your recommendation. My brother was a BIG Rush fan. Needless to say, I listened to a lot of Rush in his growing up years!

captain corky said...

Dana: There was so much chocolate and that cone that it's kind of the only thing I remember from that day. ;)

Sassy: I look forward to reading your review. There will be an HP movie around Christmas and last one is scheduled for 2010.

Furiousball: I just watched the Trailer for Watchmen a couple more times and it looks better and better every time.

Jay: Yeah, it's a little unconventional to eat ice cream at the movies but at least they have the real stuff at the theatres here in town and not that soft serve or Yogurt shit. LOL!

Christie: I'm a little late to the party, but I am really, really enjoying the books. I still like the movies though, but I'm desperate to read the Half Blood Prince.

captain corky said...

Little Wanderer: I love ice cream. I don't like regular popcorn at all, but I LOVE Crackerjacks!

Anonymous: I just thank God every night that Travolta never played in Batman in any of the movies. ;)

Leslie: I love the books and I don't know if I've ever said that about a book with the possible exception of A Christmas Carol.

Mike: Rush is a pretty good band. And I've had a little experience with AA. ;)

AJ: Who me? ;)

captain corky said...

Biddie: Of course it was! Allyson isn't a big fisher, but I'm sure she'd have fun hanging out with the girls. ;) One of the things I like about Rush is that they look like they just jumped out of the back of a van every time they're seen in public. I wonder what they're smoking in that van... LOL!

Beader: Sneaking in booze to the movies is cool. We used to bring vodka with us and walk out of the movie lit up. ;)

Tod: I liked it, and can't wait for the next one. Why am I such a freak? LOL!

Snowflake: Yeah, It's definitely worth buying.

Gawilli: Waffle cones are really good. When I used to work at Friendly's back in the day I used to bring home a big bag of cones and eat them plain. I even like wafer cones.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Harry Potter books are great. I got hooked on them when I was expecting Aaron (9 years ago, thank you very much) and the kids and I have enjoyed several "Harry Potter" book parties over the years.

My 16 yr.old, Rachael, also recommends the "Twilight" series. She is on the third one and can't seem to put them down.

Did you get caught up in all the American Idol stuff this week?


HoosierGirl5 said...

Oh, that is too funny: you were commenting on MY blog while I was commenting on YOURS. Great minds think alike!


abbagirl74 said...

I'm totally addicted to the Harry movies, but have yet to read the books. Guess I better get started.

Tink said...

I liked the movie. But there's just no beating Batman Returns. Catwoman was my idol... Well, except for that creepy part where all those cats are biting her. *Shudder*

whimsical brainpan said...

I think I am the only person left who has yet to see the movie.

Maureen said...

Oh, yeah. No one has a voice like Geddy Lee.

(and the Guess Who are from my town of Winnipeg!)

Can't wait to see Batman.

And Harry? Oh, yeah. Big fans since the books first came out. Even had a HP party for daughter when SHE turned 11 ("floating" candles and all).

Crashdummie said...

I saw the movie yesterday and totally LOVED it!

But then again, like u, I've never outgrown my super hero fixation. ;)

Cazzie!!! said...

I cannot wait to see our Heath in that movie. And, surprise surprise, in the mail I got some free cinema tickets just today to see any flick I that is the one I want to see :)

Princess Pointful said...

The Dark Knight was pretty much the best movie I've seen this year. Heath Ledger just inhabited that character with every fibre of his being!!

DJ Kirkby said...

I am a big Harry Potter fan too. Oh and I quite agree that Canada rocks, obviously.

Middle Ditch said...

I have read many raving reviews of that film too, but heard people talk about it in a different way. I usually don't go to a cinema, living in a small village with only a few buses at a day doesn't give me the option.

HP is great. It made children read again. That's what matters most to me.

HAR said...

I have not started the Harry Potter series yet. I am just not sure it's my thang. I also hate (gasp) Star Trek and Star Wars. Please don't ban me from your blog.

dilling said...

well, thanks, I think...ya know, for the Canadian shout out.
I read all the HP books end to end, one right after another, and when I got to the end, I felt so lonely not to be spending time with them all every day. It took a while to "get over" them...

eric said...

did you not think it was stretched thin with trying to cram a little too much two face origin in?

i liked it a lot, but that kind of diluted it a bit for me.

Heidi the Hick said...

The Dark Knight: I have not seen it yet! I haven't even seen Batman Begins yet. Pathetic, I know.

Waffle cones: yum. At movies? I sneak my own snacks in or do without. Can't get a drink, cuz I don't want to have to run to the can halfway through the movie!

Rush: You can't grow up in this country and not know Rush, or have one of their songs permanently linked to a moment of your life.

Gimme a sign said...

I haven't seen TDK because I think I'd find it too creepy. Heath's make-up reminds me of Tammy Faye Baker.

Sure, Rush rocks, but The Tragically Hip is the way to go these days.