Monday, February 02, 2009

Hotel Mousetrap

Last week a catastrophic winter storm that produced ice, snow, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures hit parts of the United States. I live in one of the states that got hit the hardest. Over 100,000 homes and businesses lost power and the total damage is still be counted. Crews from North Carolina have come in to help restore power to those who still don't have power almost a week later.

I feel very grateful and thankful that my family is safe and that we only lost power for a day.

Because we have a young son and my wife is pregnant we played it safe and got a hotel room on the day that our power went out and this is where Corky's post begins...

Question: Is it OK that i bitch about the mousetrap that I found in our hotel room? I mean we were in a nice joint, only about 120 bucks a night. I get that almost every hotel was booked in Louisville due to the damage caused by the storm, but when I pay 120 bucks a night I expect to be in a hotel that doesn't have rodent issues.

I found out about the rat deathtrap after I did some minor interior decorating for the convenience of my young son. I found it under the night stand next to the king size bed in our room. Due to the circumstances I wasn't too outraged over the mousetrap nor did I complain. I'm just glad Max didn't find it before I did.

Another reason why I wasn't too outraged over the mousetrap is because of the phenomenal HDTV that was in our room. Part of me wouldn't have minded watching the Super Bowl on that TV, but had we have had to stay in the hotel room for that long I'd be out a 1200 bucks. I could have gotten tickets to the game for that price thanks to the economy.

The last year or so has been a bit of a wild one for us and I'm beginning to understand why there are so many Bible thumpers out here.

Anyway, I would just like to thank all of you who continue to read the log and make sure to mark your calendars cause the 2009 State of the log is coming VERY SOON!


Jay said...

I've never seen a mouse trap in a motel room. And I've stayed in some pretty low-end places.

We got clobbered by the ice storm too. It made a huge mess. Glad you guys weren't out of power more than a day.

captain corky said...

Jay: In all seriousness I'm just glad that Max didn't grab it and sometimes they put poison on those things!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Hey...I'm glad you're alive and well. I wondered about you. I feel guilty. I didn't lose power once. It was like a week's vacation for me and the kids. But I AM glad to be heading back to school. A little TOO Much togetherness, if you know what I mean?


Burfica said...

The most expensive rooms are usually the crappiest.

So what did you think of the super bowl????

leslie said...

Oh, you sooooo missed your shot. You could have said, "We were hit by an ice storm and our power was out for a month, that's why I haven't posted to my blog for soooo long ~sigh~ ".
But, noooo. You tell us it was out for ONE DAY.
Where the heck were you?
(glad you're back)

ps So what is better to empty mouse trap, or a full one?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. What she said.

Biddie said...

I would have been PISSED! Little Max toddling around and a freaking death trap is waiting to break some baby fingers or toes???
Aside from that, I'm glad to hear that everything is ok.

Dana said...

Glad y'all made it through relatively unscathed!

The mouse trap was empty, right??

Aunt Jackie said...

Ma Steelers were Rockin the bowl!!! Yeah baby!

Just sayin.

Anyways, you aren't around nearly enough for me lately. I feel... well, deserted by the Captain. :(

But I understand.

Anyways, just popping by!

Sorry for the trauma on the mousetrap junk... those things are so filthy and horrible. Can't they find a better way?

The Lone Beader said...

Oh no! I have never seen a mousetrap in a hotel room, however I see them at work all the time. I also see live rats three on occasion, too. I don't know which is worse.

willSIX said...

Glad you and yours are safe and well, Cap'n. This has been an awful winter. Everything at home is covered in ice, making it somewhat tricky for anyone to do anything, ever.

fiwa said...

I'm so glad you only lost power for a day. How scary for all those people with how cold it has been.

I saw a huge rat in a very upscale hotel in Miami. I think it just happens. Now I do think they are very lucky that the cutest baby in the universe didn't find the trap first - that's pretty irresponsible of them to leave a trap where someone could have gotten hurt on it. I would never have thought to look around a hotel room for something like that - kudos to you for being so smart.

Love & hugs -