Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Eat More Fish

Im the good looking guy in the center.

If I could go back and tell my twenty-year old self one thing it would definitely be to eat more fish. Chances are anything else I would tell myself wouldn't mean shit to me.

I mean really, what could my 80 year-old self possibly have to say to me now that I don't already know? I'm fairly certain that I'll be partially senile when I'm 80 so nothing that I would tell my 41 year-old self would make any sense expect that I should eat more fish.

Dear Lou,
Please eat more fish and I'm glad that you've moved on from wearing jean jackets.


Dear Matt,
Please eat more fish and not the kind that comes from McDonalds.



captain corky said...

Eat more fish.

Aunt Jackie said...

HAHA I like that... I wish my 80 year old self would write me a good letter letting me know what the heck to do right now, and also if she could Western Union me a cool mil, I'd be eternally grateful!

Pink said...

don't eat tuna. salmon is ok :) but as you are captain corky, you might like Captain Pike.

hahaha - get it? Star Trek reference. No? Never mind.


Hope you're well - sure smells fishy around here.