Thursday, July 12, 2012


I just got home from work and I thought instead of jerking off I would treat the world to a blog post. Pretty selfless of me, don't you think? It's not everyday that I'm willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to impart words of wisdom onto you, but like I said today is your lucky day!

My hope for today is that you will try and do something selfless instead of selfish. I don't expect your selfless act to be as selfless as my selfless act was, but you might find that doing something unexpected and nice for someone else is truly rewarding. And I'm not talking about holding a door for a stranger or saying thank you to some asshole behind a counter. You're not getting off that fucking easy!

Let's start with doing something nice for someone you know. Maybe your a lazy fuck like me, instead of sitting on the couch and queuing up an episode of Bonanza you've recorded on the DVR you could do a load of dishes and surprise a family member or a loved one.

Please Note: If you have a dishwasher go fuck yourself. That doesn't count.

Perhaps if you're bold enough you could pull over on the side of the interstate and pick some wild flowers for your special someone. That's not a bad idea. Just don't be an idiot and get hit by a fucking truck.

I have lots of ideas that I could give you, but I'm going to preform another selfless deed and let you think of something on your own. Two selfless acts in a 10 minute span. Not bad. Pretty good.

If you feel like it drop a line and let me know what selfless act you performed today and how the recipent reacted to it. Don't be a douche bag and get caught up playing some stupid game on facebook you selfish son of a bitch until after you've performed or planned your selfless act!

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Wilson said...

Hidy Ho Neighbor. I like your pic.

I like this post too. It has a strange feel, though. I wonder what program you got this idea from.