Friday, September 21, 2012

William Shatner is Coming to Town

The Best time of the year is upon us. Looking forward to holiday fun, trout fishing, football games, and cooler weather. There's no doubt that I'll enjoy all of the above, but I find my thoughts dwelling on the upcoming Summer of 2013.

WILLIAM SHATNER is coming to Louisville on July 26 and staying until July 28th. And the reason Bill's coming to town is obvious to anyone that has ever read this blog! He's coming to the "Ville" to meet Captain Corky AKA me.

For 150 dollars or so, Shatner and I will be in a picture together. Granted I'll be the one paying, but I can't think of a better way to spend a buck fifty.

Apparently, Shatner's face was the inspiration for Michael Myers. I don't know thing one from horror movies, but I do know from Star Trek, the greatest TV show of all time. The man who played Kirk will be appearing at Fright Night/Fandomfest and even though I don't give a flying fuck about horror movies, I'll be there wading through geeks of all kind.

Originally I was planning on wearing my Kirk uniform, but a good friend pointed out that I would probably be 1 out of 1000 people dressed like the good Captain. So plan B is to break out my T.J. Hooker uniform and wear that for the greatest weekend of my life.

For a little more money I can get a sit down with the Man and conversate on topics such as Star Trek, Horror Movies, horses, bitches, and ho's. I might just do that. All I know is that it's gonna be fucking fantastic.

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Erika said...

So I looked up what this thing was and it also says that Stan Lee will be there. Who's cooler . . . Lee or Shatner?