Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Godric's Hollow

Thanks to the kid who provided the picture of Godric's Hollow

On Saturday Ben and I will be leaving for North Carolina. I will be returning to the place I was born for the first time since I was adopted at the age of 3. We will be traveling via river, but we'll be swimming down stream so it wont be as rough on us as it is for salmon or Vulcans. Also, I'm not going to NC to spawn. I did that in KY. Twice.

I'm going to meet biological relatives, see the grave of my biological mother, and fish in biological waterways. One of the biological relatives I'm going to meet is my older brother. He's a Cowboy fan so I suspect that he's quite delusional. Never the less, I'm excited to meet him. Apparently he's into Rush (the band not the tool) and likes to fish so he does have a saving grace or two.

Ben and I will be staying with my sister who has planned an entire week of meat and potatoes for my fat ass, so that's cool.

My birthday is on the 22nd and there will be a birthday party on Sunday. That will probably feel surreal. Other emotions I may or may not process include excitement, anxiousness, sorrow, and joy.

Above all else, I suspect I will feel a great amount of gratitude.

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