Sunday, October 21, 2012

Captain Corky's Kin Folk

The first blog I ever wrote was about a woman named Wendi that was possibly my biological sister...

It's confirmed that Wendi is my sister and we connected online in March. Since first contact we've gotten together three times and we text/talk all the time.

Tonight on the Eve of my 42nd Birthday I met my brother Randy in Greensboro, North Carolina. He likes football, fishing, dipping, and beer. I love to fish, love football, I'm hopelessly addicted to dipping, and broke up with that bitch, Alcohol two years ago.

On Tuesday Randy and I are going fishing together. Who could ask anything more for a 42nd birthday gift? Sure beats a fucking nose hair trimmer!

Like I suspected in my previous post, I'm feeling a lot of emotion today. It's been quite a  roller coaster ride... happy, sad, glad, and bad. Why do I feel all these emotions? I don't know. Go Hop on Pop or something.

The bottom line is that I'm really happy. Despite 37 years and change of not knowing Wendi and Randy, the three of us are alot alike. We're all the same brand of crazy. And that's so fucking cool.

In 1984 our biological mother met her tragic end. It's my hope that she got a chance to look in and visit with us today. She would have felt a lot of love, gotten a chance to watch her grandchildren play together, and share ice cream and Captain America Birthday Cake with her 42 year old son.

The adventure is far from over... We have four more brothers to meet-up with some day. I've spoken to one on the phone and came across the mugshot of another on google. Who knows... maybe next October we'll all be in North Carolina eating ice cream and Man of Steele birthday cake. It wouldn't shock me true believers. ;)

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome, Corky. It took me 32 years to meet my sister, and I still so happy that we found each other.
She is also my brand of crazy - she makes me laugh and sometimes I even get to be the 'little sister' which is way cool.
I hope that you find the rest of your family. There's nothing more awesome :)