Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Yesterday I spent my birthday fishing in a FARM POND. It was awesome. Today I'm going back to the FARM to do some more POND FISHING. That's the beauty of being on vacation in the middle of NOWHERE, NORTH CAROLINA.

NOWHERE, NORTH CAROLINA is really awesome cause there are tons of FARMS around here with lots of PONDS. I don't know if I was cut out to be a FARMER though. I like the soil, I like the peace, but I'm not very big on working long hours and it seems that when you own a FARM you have to work all day. Fuck that shit!

Also, I'm deathly allergic to hay. I slept in a barn once or twice when I was a kid and it almost killed me.

When I lived in DC there weren't many FARM PONDS, but I did pick up a skill that maybe I could apply out here in NOWHERE, NC. I could stand in front of FARMS with a sign and wait for FARMERS to bring their eggs to the FARMER'S MARKET to see.


I think the FARMERS out here would appreciate the fact that I wasn't asking them for money to support a really serious corn mash and barley habit.

Some of the Liberals I grew up with in New Jersey would like it out here too despite the fact that New York City isn't 20 minutes and 10 dollars away. Out here in NOWHERE, NC everyone is voting for Obama! I haven't seen one sign for the other freak. Obviously he's anti-FARMER.

Alto, there's plenty of chemically unaltered food, and everyone knows how the Liberal pretends to be such a health consciousnesses eater. It's a major part of the liberal's facade.

Anyway the sun's up and we FARMER WANNABE'S have plenty to do if we're going to make it to FARMER'S MARKET with a basket full of crappie ,buegill, catfish, and bass. See you at supper, Suckers.

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