Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last Day

Today's the last day of the month. That means that there's going to be a lot of assholes out and about. Luckily I won't be one of them. The good news is that I don't have to go to the DMV today to renew my registration. My birthday is in October and not February. That gives me until October 31st before I have to even think about stepping foot in to the DMV. Can't say that I'm not happy about that... Have you seen some of the monsters that go to the DMV these days? It's enough to make a person start riding a bike, permanently.

This year is already starting to move at a record pace. Tomorrow is March 1st for Christ's sake and I just got around to setting up my online calender today. So far I have three dates "circled". July 10th the due date of our baby, March 9th the first day of our spring vacation, and February 4 the Super Bowl. I should probably add my wife's birthday, our anniversary, and the opening of trout season too. Please let me know if If you think of something I should add to the calender. For those of you that have your shit together enjoy your Wednesday. And for those of you that don't... Better get moving asshole it's already 10:09 AM Eastern Standard Time!


Jay said...

NFL Draft is April 28th and 29th. That's an important date. I'm not sure when the NFL schedule comes out, but when it does you will know when opening weekend is and can start making plans.

You might want to circle deer season too.

And if you get time, maybe cirlce the birthdays of your parents and any siblings you might have. If you get time.

Metal Mark said...

I own no calenders at home and rarely write down any dates.

Lady K said...

I don't have my shit together and have to move in a month! Yikes!

Biddie said...

I woudn't even bother writing down any dates after July 10th. You won't have time for anything else after Corky Jr is born.
Just saying.

Big Pissy said...

December 26th.

My birthday.

Thank you.

Pixie said...

Feb 16th
My Birthday..Oh wait you missed it :\

Jame T Kirk looks very sensual in that pic you have there Corky.

Alicia said...

Oh, Corky...
Your calender is going to be circled so many times after July 10th it's going to be funny.
It'll go a little like this:

July 17th, 2am: Corky Jr peed on me for the first time!
July 17th, 11am: It's not even noon yet and Corky Jr has gone through 18 diapers! What a champ!
July 20th, 4pm: Corky Jr Smiled at me, I know he did! They say it's gas, but damnit I saw a smile!
July 24th, 7am: Corky Jr slept for more than 45 minutes last night! The bags under my eyes receded about a millemeter!

Dan said...

Today's the last day of the month. That means that there's going to be a lot of assholes out and about.

I have no idea why, but this reasoning just cracked me up no end! Somehow it makes sense ... but not really. You have a way with words Captain.

Steven Novak said...

There are a lot of assholes out on the last day of the month?

Hmmm..that would expalin an awful lot. ;)


Aunt Jackie said...

Steve, there are lots of those out on any given day!!! I assure you--lol

Corky, we'll all get through it together. I agree the pressure of the time zipping by is tremendous!

Not enough hours... days... weeks.

Blancodeviosa said...

tomorrow is payday.. payday, pay-day, paaaaaayday!!! cha cha cha

Sunshine said...

Sunshine's birthday, March 13

MY SON & the fabulous William Shatner, March 22...but, you already knew that

Twisted Cara Bear said...

Add these to the month of March

Workplace Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month
Eye Donor Month
Kidney Month
National Craft Month
National Frozen Food Month
National Noodle Month National
National Peanut Month National
Rosacea Awareness Month

And my personal favorite....
Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month

I kid you not...all valid

Chucky said...

Heck I can't wait till May 22. I move down to Long Beach and start class.

I did all my DMV junk online. So you will not be seeing me in any line any time soon.

So what is the reason for the assholes being out the other days of the month?

Bardouble29 said...

Bardoubles and Jay's Birthdays are in March also!

Michael C said...

I forget the exact day, but reserve a spot for the Simpson's Movie.

Chucky said...

That would be July 27th

etain_lavena said...

I work in southern under....must I also move my asshole;)
A date to add to your calender is 12 April....Why, cause I picked a date and that's my choice.:)

Yasamin said...

So i'm playing catchup today july 9th and august 10th. the last is the most important.

abbagirl74 said...

Shame on you for putting the word asshole next to a picture of the Shat!